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28 Jul 2020

Investing Through the Noise

Uncertainty levels always feel sky-high when financial markets suffer bouts of extreme stress. It is natural for people to lose confidence in their understanding of how things should work when paradigm shifts occur.…

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15 Jun 2020

The evolving politics of oil

There has been a seismic change in global oil markets, with potentially devastating long-term risks to the global economy and geopolitics. Portfolio manager and resources analyst MIKE TOWNSHEND looks at the politics…

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08 Apr 2020

Weathering the COVID-19 market rout

It is already old news that global equity markets fell precipitously in March on expectations that the COVID-19 pandemic would trigger a global recession. The S&P 500 Index in the US recorded its fastest-ever bear…

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11 Mar 2020

Current Market Volatility and Implications for Foord Investors

Panic reverberated across world markets on Monday, 9 March, fuelled by the spread outside of China of the Covid-19 virus, and the slump in oil prices following the all-out oil price war between Saudi Arabia and…

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06 Mar 2020

Markets in a Nutshell - COVID-19

Growing fears of a global COVID-19 pandemic dominated markets in February as partial quarantines and severe travel and supply-chain disruptions sapped world growth expectations. Global equities (-8.4% in US dollars)…

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24 Jan 2020

The Year in Review 2019

Global equity markets were buoyant in 2019, delivering the best calendar year return in a decade. This was a dramatic turnaround from the negative returns of 2018. The JSE’s mining stocks surged, but SA Inc.…

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