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10 Dec 2020

Foord Global Funds boost SA performance

Returns on Foord’s South African multi-asset funds rank near the top of their respective peer groups this year as might be expected from Foord during especially troubled markets. The two Foord global funds buoyed performance, with both funds achieving all-time high price points in recent months. The price highs are meaningful in the context of the steady compounding of returns over time.

The conservatively managed Foord International Fund has compounded at 6.6% per annum in US dollars for 23 years compared to significantly more volatile global equity markets which gained 6.7% per annum over that period. The newer Foord Global Equity Fund has grown by 8.9% per annum since inception in 2012, with good outperformance of its benchmark over periods of up to five years.

With the South African Foord Balanced Fund poised to deliver returns well exceeding CPI plus 5% for the second year running, veteran fund manager Chris Greyling said: “To the lay observer, the fund’s positioning may seem straight forward, but complex thinking and scenario planning supports Foord’s portfolio construction here and in the Foord global funds. Given the context of COVID-19 outcomes on the investment landscape on an already-uncertain outlook at the start of the year, the performance of Foord’s SA funds is remarkable.” 


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