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11 Sep 2012

A Decade Of Consistent Top Ranking Unit Trust Returns

Foord Unit Trusts launched its flagship unit trust portfolios ten years ago on 1 September 2002. Foord now legitimately enjoys a track record of unparalleled top-ranking returns in the unit trust industry that emulates its track record in managing pension fund portfolios since the early 1980s.

The Morningstar® unit trust performance tables to 31 August 2012 show that Foord’s Equity and Balanced funds have achieved top-ranking returns over the ten years since their inception. In the General Equity sector the Foord Equity Fund placed third overall for ten years , whilst the Foord Balanced Fund placed second overall for the same period in the Prudential Variable Equity sector.

It is pleasing to have delivered such top-ranking returns to investors who have been invested in Foord’s unit trust funds for the past decade. More pleasing to Foord, however, is the consistency of returns. Analysis of the performance results shows that both funds have placed amongst the top three funds over one, three, five and seven years as well.

Foord Rank / Funds in Sector            1 Year        3 Years         5 Years         7 Years        10 Years

Foord Balanced                                        2/82             2/58               3/40              1/31              2/19

Foord Equity                                             3/87             2/80               3/63              2/48              3/36

Source: Morningstar ®

Consistency of returns over ultra-long periods and also between mandate types such as SA-equity and global multi-asset class mandates is important. It demonstrates the results of a sound investment philosophy and process, centred on fundamental valuation principles and proven risk management techniques when constructing portfolios.

Building concentrated portfolios of our best ideas, not over-paying for investments no matter how much we like them, never betting the farm on any one theme or idea and diversifying portfolio holdings to address the question “What if we are wrong?”, underpins Foord’s approach to investing. This investment philosophy applies to mandates of all types: South African single-asset class or multi-asset class portfolios (such as balanced funds) or portfolios comprising foreign assets.



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