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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine strikes us as one of the most-expected unexpected events of recent times. Steeped in a revisionist ideal of Russian identity, President Putin is rattling the cage of the current world order. NICK CURTIN writes about the inflationary pressures that result from the war.

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The cupboard is now bare

It is difficult to remember the heady days of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and the general sense of national euphoria and ‘gees’ we experienced. Business development manager Nick Curtin writes how the national mood is very different as we limp into 2021.

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Linda Eedes

Investment Professional

Linda Eedes

Linda Eedes

BCom Honours (Finance), CFA

Businesses exist to solve problems and help other human beings. Our business helps investors by protecting and growing their hard-earned capital. The intellectual stimulation that comes with working together to solve the market’s complex puzzle is our reward for doing so. I remind myself always that the reason I get to wake up every day and do what I love, is because our investors have placed their trust in our business and by extension, in me. That is a privilege I work very hard each day to honour.  

“Remembering the trust that investors have placed in us keeps me focused on generating the best investment outcomes for them.”


With developed market equities ending flat and emerging markets slightly up, one could be forgiven for thinking that May was uneventful. It was in fact another volatile month that included the markets’ worst one-day return in nearly two years. This was followed by a final week rally, driven (ironically) by hopes for more dovish US Federal Reserve policy on prospects of slowing growth. Continued market volatility should be expected in the near term, given the myriad uncertainties around persistent inflation, rising interest rates and slowing economic growth.

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Foord Asia ex-Japan Fund

For long-term investors in Asia ex-Japan equities



Foord Asset Management welcomes seasoned investment professional Linda Eedes

Foord is delighted to announce the appointment of Linda Eedes to its investment team from 1 June 2022.

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How does Foord manage risk in the Foord Flexible Fund?

Dave Foord discusses how diversification is used to manage risk in the Foord Flexible Fund.

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What hedging strategies are employed in the Foord Flexible Fund especially on currency risk?

Dave Foord discusses what hedging strategies are employed in the Foord Flexible Fund, especially on currency risk.

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Explain the Foord Flexible Fund's seemingly high current equity weight of 75%.

The amount of equity holding in the Foord Flexible Fund may appear very high, Dave Foord explains the reasoning behind this.

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Why has the Foord Flexible Fund underperformed in the last year?

Dave Foord discusses the reasoning behind the underperformance of the Foord Flexible Fund in the last year.

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