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Heather Ridley, Foord’s fearless head dealer, retired at the end of March after 27 years of service to Foord. While not quite the Foord record, 27 years is a full career by anyone’s standards — especially in the high-pressure environment of the dealing room.

Heather was not recruited for a securities dealing role. In fact, she served as personal assistant to Dave Foord for some years before volunteering to cover the dealing desk during a vacancy. She took to the job with such flair and acumen that she was soon the permanent dealer.

Today, securities dealing is dominated by direct market access and algorithmic trading. But it wasn’t always so. Traders would receive orders — to buy or sell securities — from portfolio managers and would work those trades in the market: never put too much with one broker, never disclose your full hand, seek the best possible price, and deal fairly for all clients.

The job attracted its fair amount of related administration, from matching trades to allocating deals. It involved long hours, from well before market open to well after the closing bell. Dealing in global bourses would extend those hours. Heather took it all in her stride.

Heather has a zest for life that we will miss in the office. She knew how to work hard, and she knows how to play hard. Her booming voice and boisterous laugh could often be heard across the office. She has a fighting spirit which came from her drive to do what was right and what was fair for investors — you never argued with Heather unless you absolutely knew you were right.

Heather, we wish you everything of the best in your retirement. You’re far too young to slow down, so we are sure you will soon be engaged in interesting and purposeful activities. Thank you for your diligence and care on the desk all these years. Bon voyage.


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