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10 Oct 2023

Will the Dollar Remain the Global Reserve Currency?

De-dollarisation has become a trending geopolitical topic after the perceived weaponisation of the greenback as a tool to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Portfolio manager Rashaad Tayob suggests that…

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06 Oct 2023


As autumn descended on the Northern Hemisphere, it brought with it a chill on Wall Street. Global equity and bond markets both sold off sharply — September was the worst month for the US S&P500 Index this year. US…

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06 Sep 2023


After July’s rallies, global equity and bond markets took a U-turn in August. Developed economies find themselves in a tug-of-war between growth and inflation. In the US, upbeat economic data and hawkish comments…

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05 Sep 2023

The Threat of Fiscal Dominance in the US and Implications for Investors

After a double whammy of negative returns for both equity and bond investors in 2022, many investors anticipating a US recession this year thought 2023 may turn out to be the Year of the Bond. But in stark contrast,…

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08 Aug 2023

Markets in a Nutshell - July 2023

Risk assets rallied again in July, adding to the robust gains achieved in the first half of the year. Early investor worries over everything from US bank failures to global recessions have seemingly faded. We are…

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07 Aug 2023

Are There Opportunities in SA Inc. Stocks?

As fund managers, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that can generate good returns. This is true even — or perhaps especially — when sentiment is at its worst. An area of the local market that has…

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