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01 Dec 2021

Forward thinking with Dr Parag Khanna

Asian geopolitical risks are rising with China flexing its military muscle and implementing sweeping reforms enabled by its centralised, command economy. China is the region’s largest and most populous economy, but more than three billion Asians are not Chinese.

In this interview of leading global strategist and author, Dr Parag Khanna, Foord portfolio manager Brian Arcese quizzes Khanna on his 2019 best-seller TheFuture is Asian and why he believes “the greatest wave of Asian growth is just getting going.”

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25 May 2022

How does Foord manage risk in the Foord Flexible Fund?

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25 May 2022

What hedging strategies are employed in the Foord Flexible Fund especially on currency risk?

Dave Foord discusses what hedging strategies are employed in the Foord Flexible Fund, especially on currency risk.

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