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07 Apr 2022

Markets in a nutshell — March 2022

Developed market equities posted their first monthly gain this year. Hopes of a Russia/Ukraine war ceasefire provided some lift to market sentiment after a decidedly tetchy start to the year. Persistent US and…

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07 Mar 2022

Markets in a Nutshell — February 2022

Russian war threats against Ukraine turned into a full-scale invasion, trumping market worries about the direction and timing of the Fed’s interest rate decisions. Developed and emerging markets retraced as the risk…

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25 Feb 2022

Safety First in the Face of Russian Strikes

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine strikes us as one of the most-expected unexpected events of recent times. Forged by his own sense of destiny and steeped in a revisionist ideal of Russian identity, President Putin has…

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23 Feb 2022

Hospital Stocks on the Mend

The past two years of living with COVID-19 has started some trends and accelerated others. Trends such as remote working are now well entrenched. Equity analyst DHERSAN CHETTY discusses another developing…

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07 Feb 2022

Safety First

Foord has often described itself as a ‘safety-first’ fund manager. But what does this mean in the context of investment returns and the stage of the market cycle? PAUL CLUER revisits the concept.

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07 Feb 2022

Markets in a nutshell - January 2022

January was a stark reminder to investors that risks abound. Developed market equities fell sharply and volatility spiked as investors reacted to hawkish signs from the US Federal Reserve portending an unexpectedly…

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