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02 Nov 2023

Foord International Fund — A Fund For All Seasons

The Foord International Fund aims to achieve meaningful, inflation-beating US dollar returns from a conservatively managed, best-investment-view portfolio. In this presentation, portfolio manager Brian Arcese references the fund’s 25-year track record of safeguarding investor capital during bouts of market turbulence and discusses the layers of protection built into the fund to deal with a likely US economic recession in 2024. On the flip side, the fund has ample liquidity to buy attractive investments as they become cheaper to set up returns for the next investment cycle.

The material in this podcast is provided for information purposes and does not constitute financial advice. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, and the value of investments may go up or down. For more information about our fund range and our terms and conditions, please visit Foord's website at


30 Nov 2023

Unmasking the Bond Vigilantes: Guardians of Fiscal Responsibility

In November, the US Federal Reserve paused interest rates for a second time instead of hiking rates further. However, the US bond market did its own hiking, with yields on US government bonds surging across the…

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30 Nov 2023

Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities, Hype Cycles and How Foord Finds Value

In this video, Foord Asset Management portfolio managers Brian Arcese, Ishreth Hassen and JC Xue, explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business and investment. They discuss AI's role…

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