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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine strikes us as one of the most-expected unexpected events of recent times. Steeped in a revisionist ideal of Russian identity, President Putin is rattling the cage of the current world order. NICK CURTIN writes about the inflationary pressures that result from the war.

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The cupboard is now bare

It is difficult to remember the heady days of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and the general sense of national euphoria and ‘gees’ we experienced. Business development manager Nick Curtin writes how the national mood is very different as we limp into 2021.

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Institutional Client Director

Foord Asset Management is an independent, owner-managed investment boutique offering a premium investment management service to long-term investors. We have a multi-decade track record of successful investing across a range of investment strategies, both in South Africa and globally. We are looking for an experienced institutional client director to join our executive team, help us engage our investor base and grow institutional assets under management.

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Undergraduate Immersion

Prior to the commencement of the academic year, Foord Asset Management conducts a week-long, vacation programme for previously disadvantaged students with a passion for investments. The programme is offered to penultimate, fi…

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One-Year Trainee Analyst Programme

Are you a smart, diligent, independent and strategic thinker with a passion for investing? Foord is looking for exceptional recent graduates, CA’s, investment interns or non-investment professionals with a passion for investm…

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Unmasking the Bond Vigilantes: Guardians of Fiscal Responsibility

In November, the US Federal Reserve paused interest rates for a second time instead of hiking rates further. However, the US bond market did its own hiking, with yields on US government bonds surging across the board. The US 10-year Treasury yield brushed 5% — its highest level in 16 years.

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Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities, Hype Cycles and How Foord Finds Value

In this video, Foord Asset Management portfolio managers Brian Arcese, Ishreth Hassen and JC Xue, explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business and investment. They discuss AI's role in enhancing productivity, its integration into various industries and the future of AI in shaping investment strategies.

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Markets in a Nutshell — for October 2023

Global stock markets fell for a third consecutive month, casting gloom over investors and making this Halloween more ‘trick’ than ‘treat’. Despite optimistic economic data, markets remain spooked by the prospect of central bankers keeping rates higher for longer to combat inflation. Markets fell across the board, with emerging market bourses (including those in China) falling most.

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Markets in a Nutshell - October 2023

In our monthly podcast, ‘Markets in a nutshell’, Linda Eedes discusses what’s happened in global markets and economies over the past month, how we see things playing out and how Foord is positioned as a result.

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Quarterly Conversations Q3 2003 I Fixed Income

Linda Eedes talks to Foord’s Portfolio Manager Farzana Bayat and Rashaad Tayob about how Foord’s fixed income have performed, what’s happening in the market and how Foord is positioned going forward.

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Foord International Fund — A Fund For All Seasons

The Foord International Fund aims to achieve meaningful, inflation-beating US dollar returns from a conservatively managed, best-investment-view portfolio. In this presentation, portfolio manager Brian Arcese references the fund’s 25-year track record of safeguarding investor capital during bouts of market turbulence and discusses the layers of protection built into the fund to deal with a likely US economic recession in 2024. On the flip side, the fund has ample liquidity to buy attractive investments as they become cheaper to set up returns for the next investment cycle.

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Quarterly Conversations Q3 2003 I M.I.C.E Update

Linda Eedes talks to Portfolio Manager, Rashaad Tayob about M.I.C.E. framework, a useful gauge Foord uses to consider the macro landscape.

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