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SA Bond

For investors with a moderate risk profile seeking exposure to South African bonds.


The strategy is suitable for investors seeking high income yields with prospects for capital gain and a moderate investment risk profile. It aims to outperform the FTSE/JSE All Bond Index over rolling three-year periods, with lower risk of loss. The investment horizon ought to exceed three years.


To achieve its goal, the strategy invests in a broad spectrum of listed and unlisted South African interest-bearing securities of variable durations, reflecting the manager’s assessment of interest rate trends. The weighted average duration of the portfolio will typically be within two years of the risk budget as determined by the FTSE/JSE All Bond Index. The income characteristics will be in line with prevailing weighted average South African bond market yields. The portfolio is managed to comply with the statutory investment limits set for retirement funds in South Africa (regulation 28).



30 Nov 2023

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30 Nov 2023

Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities, Hype Cycles and How Foord Finds Value

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